“What is this great deal being made about births and birthdays?” asked the student, “I think birth is such a non-event, at least for the one who is being born. Come to think of it, here I am, born and all, but I never wanted to be, played no part in it, did not know it was coming my way, and did not even know it for some four years after it actually happened! Now that all evidences point to it having happened, I can not remember a thing. It is perhaps a good thing too that I have no memories of it, for I am sure it must have been traumatic.”

“It is not the birth, but what it brings to you, that is important,” said the Tao.

“And what is that?”

“Life,” said the Tao, “Life is such a limited time offer. Believe me, it is the greatest deal you will ever have. Use it or lose it.”

“Use it I will,” said the student, as he blew away all the candles on the cake in one breath.


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