The Ripple

“What is the purpose of life, O Tao?” asked the student who was sitting quiet for a long time. “The purpose of life is to cause a ripple,” said the Tao.

“Please explain, O Tao,” said the student.

“The universe is a giant lake, and you are a pebble that hits its surface one day. You will eventually sink to the bottom without a trace; what will remain for a short time is the ripple that you created on the lake surface. So, go ahead, make a ripple! May be the ripple you make will touch another, and change it, which in turn will affect another one. So that, long after you are gone, the changes you have wrought may still be around,” said the Tao.

The Tao paused. Then he added, “That, my son, is the purpose of life.” 

“Where is your ripple, O Tao?” asked the student.

“I am still gathering speed before I hit the surface,” said the Tao.


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