The Tao was admiring his new iWatch, for which he had stood in a long winding line under frigid rain outside the Apple Store.

“Why does this watch not show time?” asked the student.

“Because it is not a watch,” said the Tao, “... and, anyway, measuring time is so passé ... how does it matter what time it is when time has neither beginning, nor end? All that matters is ‘now’, the moment you are in. And that moment is forever changing, so why even try to capture it? A watch is a symbol of man’s futile exercise to bracket time to fit within his own meager understanding of the universe.”

The student was taken aback at this passionate outpouring of wisdom. “But, what if you really want to know what time is ‘now’?” persisted the student.

“There is an app for that,” said the Tao.


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